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Large Truck Refrigeration

For heavy-duty applications and long-haul transportation, our large truck refrigeration units offer the power and reliability necessary to meet the demands of the industry.

These units are engineered to withstand harsh conditions and extended periods of operation, making them an excellent choice for businesses with large fleets or high-volume transport needs.

Find the right direct-drive solution for your business

The T-90 Series

Delivering the capacity, reliability and uptime that fit your demanding schedule, the new T-90 Series of self-powered truck refrigeration units truly offer MORE.

The development of the T-90 Series of refrigeration units for straight trucks continues Thermo King’s legacy of customer-focused innovation.

Taking self-powered truck refrigeration to a new level, the next generation T-90 Series offers the right solutions for today’s challenges. Whether you’re looking for more capacity, trustworthy reliability and performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented temperature pull-down and recovery, convenient maintenance intervals, or all of the above the T-90 Series will not let you down.

  • T590
  • T690 / T690 MAX
  • T890 / T890 MAX
  • T1090 / T1090 MAX

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High capacity and reliability for undermount applications

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Faster pulldown with QuickTemp
  • Improved reliability
  • Designed specifically for undermount applications

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E1000: All-electric large truck refrigeration unit

Fully Electric Refrigeration System designed for Class 5-7 vehicles

The e1000 is powered from a direct DC connection with the vehicle chassis. Thermo King has partnered with different manufacturers to ensure vehicle compatibility along with the most efficient direct DC electric-PTO connection possible.


Full-electric single-temp unit design:

  • Flexible electric power takeoff (ePTO) integration allowing for connection with electric chassis system
  • Capacity to support box sizes from 16 to 28 ft with fresh and frozen setpoints in all climates
  • 200lbs lighter weight than diesel equivalent

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