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Cold weather can be challenging for drivers and equipment alike.

To provide optimal comfort during rest breaks or downtime, we offer a range of heaters designed to keep drivers warm and maintain the condition of vehicles in low temperatures.

Turning Data into Practical Intelligence: ConnectedSuite™ Asset Connectivity is a complete bundle of Thermo King® technology designed to deliver information that matters to you.

Thermo King

Trailer Heating Unit

Heat King 450 MAX

The Heat King 450 MAX utilizes an exhaust heat exchanger that extracts even more heat from the engine, allowing the unit to become 70% efficient in the transfer of energy from diesel fuel to heat. This design produces 33% more heat capacity and transfers heat more efficiently than the closest competitor product. 

  • Extra capacity available for longer thin-walled trailers
  • Powerful airflow circulates throughout the entire cargo
  • DOT-approved for transport of flammable liquids and gases
  • High and low speeds for optimal fuel economy
  • EPA Tier IV compliant

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Espar heater systems for the ultimate in idle reduction and driver comfort

  • Less idling means lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance
  • Meet increasing number of anti-idle noise and pollution laws nationwide
  • Keep drivers warm and comfortable
  • Models available for a variety of applications
  • Expert Thermo King installation and service

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An extensive portfolio for cold chain transportation

Our trailer portfolio is the culmination of decades of product innovations designed to help enhance fleet efficiencies. Whether you haul cargo that requires refrigeration or needs to be kept from freezing in cold weather, we have the solution for any application.

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